Friday, 10 June 2016

will he save he

                                                                     Will He Save Her?
Narrative Writing


Your Thoughts and Answers:
Are you using the picture as the beginning or ending of your story?
Wound woman
Bear  Baxendine
Other Characters (if any):
A normal family
Sound effect
Bear  Baxendine tries to take the family  away  to a dark place and wound woman come out of nowhere and save the family .
Wound woman  follows  the evil Bear  Baxendine and save the normal family

If beginning, what could happen next?
On the next thing that will happen is that Wound woman has gotten a new .Partner his name is hunger man . hunger man is a strong man he has laser and he can see through thing
If ending, what happened before this scene?
Wound woman will come and look over the word and see bad guy and save the word . and fight crimes

  1. Start Writing Here: One Sunshine morning  bear baxenden took over the earth . Making everyone his slave  he went to his secrets  lab and invented robots the robots was the lookout when  bear baxenden . Goes to his secrets  lab he  bring a secrets person to his lab . In his lad it has thing to destroy the word  but out of nowhere wound woman came through the window and catches bear baxenden now it is prison time for bear baxenden and that was the End of the story .

Today we were learn about will he save her and as you can see I wrote my really story so please feel free to leave a comment .

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