Friday, 29 July 2016

Immersion Assemble

Immersion Assembly Term 3

On Monday the  25th of July we came back from the holiday and had a Immersion Assembly to welcome as back to school so each class had to make a show that was about the theme

. so the Theme was about Olympics so Team 1 show was about drink water and eating healthy food and being strong running fast and how Far you can go .

team 2 was learning about Sports and how they can be good at it like soccer basketball boxing  swimming .

Team 3 was doing a Quiz that who  know best about Olympics .

Team 4 was learning about the Geography, Rio,virus,contamination and Advertising.

Team 5 was learning about Ballet  and also learning about Olympics.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Friday, 15 July 2016


Here is a story that I made for you it is called MUD WALK the duck walked in the mud . plip-plip .why are you walking in the mud asked the pig it feel good," the duck replied Mrs wishy- wishy got her tractor and a strong rope. out came the cow squoosh out came the pig squoosh out came the duck . squoosh oh said Mrs wishy - wishy what muddy animals wash wash wash


In my holiday I went to the zoo it had loin hippo and I went to MC Donald's for my sister birthday it was so that I EAT the biggest bunger it was so yummy that I wanted more so we buy 4 more if you like it please leave a comment hope you like it

My holiday

In the holiday I went to my school it was a little girl birthday her name was Katrina she was so happy that it was her birthday now she is going to the big school they was a pinuth and they was panting and pant face   .

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Suzie Space Nuts 4

Today i learn about suzie and the space Nuts 4 in the scene Feeble and gort has to go back to they planet earth and Suzie is going to Miss them very much so off they go back to there planet earth