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Traditional Growing and Gathering

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Problem solve

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Basic Facts Test

Today we did Basic Facts Test we had to  focus on the answer if you can see that i got all of the answer right . Please leave a comment Thank you


Swimming Lessons!

Hi my name is Tehillah Today on Monday 22nd of May I will be talking  about Swimming Lessons and what are the safe way to get in and out of the pool So if you want more information here is some more  First you have to put your hand on the side of the pool and then put your legs into the pool . Then after you have to see how deep the pool is before you get into the pool  then Listen to your Instructor before you do anything Else . and also tell an adult that you are going into the pool .You have to get an Adult just Incase you Drown and also get a bigger person before you get into the pool  just to watch you and also Swim in safe areas only. It's a good idea to swim only in places that are supervised by a lifeguard. ... Swimming in an open body of water (like a river, lake, or ocean) is different from swimming in a pool. You need more energy to handle the currents and other changing conditions in the open water.
After you get in the water and you start drowning  you  get out of the pool and get a life jacket  then get back into the pool they are many skills about swimming first they are floating Diving Breathing and that all for me so that the skills that i know so go to the swimming pool and start learning  how to swim .First I would like to Thank Mr Burt for an Opportunity for team 4 and the school  to swimming  at the pool this term and the people at the pool jed cat and kate Thank you for letting us swim and thank you miss Vaafusuaga for the best day at the pool  so thank you to all the people that work at the pool .Swimming in the pool with my friend and my BFF and have fun with the Instructor and doing different skill but the most cool thing is just to have the most time with your in Instructor.

Friday, 19 May 2017


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IN the olden days

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Who:Rose And Tehillah

What:We found a lot of gold under ocean

Where:In the forest

When:1997 on

HERE: In the Olden days I lived in a little Cotton with my father he loved to fishing so every Monday we would fish in the Morning and in the Afternoon at night i would alway read a book to make me fall asleep .On Tuesday I told My father if we could go to the beach and my father said yes so i packed my Swimming togs a Towel .When we got there i brush out of the car and went right to the sand pit the sun was Shining bright at the ocean so I ran as fast as i could to get to the Changing rooms to put on my swimming togs I Through my togs to my father face i Laugh as i was walking toward the beach i ran to the warm hot water i saw something Shiny in the water i Picked it up and it was a shiny gold i ran to my father and told him  what is this he Screamed while he was looking at it . It gold where did you found it i found it in the ocean my father ran like flash right  to the Changing room to Put on his Shorts we both ran to the water to Grab the gold Once we grab the gold My father said we were rich so      THE END


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  •         Charity
Hi my name is Tehillah I am Learning about Julie she has 3 kids and she is 35 year old Julie live in Gore in south Island  . She was a Firefighter she ran up to the very top of the sky tower she was so Tired. They was 110.3 step’s it took her 20 Minutes and 48 Seconds It was on Saturday 2015 she came 16 out of all the 29 people that did the Challenge she must be luck to be one of the people to do Challenge They raised money for an incredible charity they raised over 1 million dollars . At the end of the day Julie said all That hard work paid off, got to the top injured leg and all and An amazing event to be part of and over a million dollars raised for Leukemia. 👩🏻‍🚒 Bring on next year!!” so that all she said she is an amazing girl . Well that all for me I’ll tell you more next time Bye.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears: My Spin


Goldilocks and the Three Bears:
My Spin

Once upon a time at the Beach Goldilocks and the Three Bears were Friend’s they played a lot of games During that day  The next day there was a Dragon that was in a cave Deep down in the village .One day The Dragon went to find Goldilocks so he could take her away so the dragon went out of his cave and started to look for Goldilocks once he found her The Dragon Headed behind a tree he jump out and burst flames Goldilocks cried for help the three bears header Goldilocks Crying out    The Three Bears Rushed to the beach to found Goldilocks  The three bears saw the Dragon and Punch and kick  the dragon the Dragon burst of Flames to Goldilocks and then the Three bears jump and push Goldilocks out of the way the flames came right at the Three bears and dies Goldilocks cried Because the Three Bears died so  Goldilocks Rushed to the dragon and punch kick and hit it on the mouth then the dragon dies Goldilocks ran to the Three Bears and took it to the Hospital and then the Three Bears were alive and Goldilocks and the Three Bears live happily ever after The End .

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This is my work about Wharenui if you want to learning about Wharenui here is some information about Wharenui please leave a  comment `

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Goldilocks The Three Bears My Spin

Goldilocks and the Three Bears:
My Spin

Once upon a time in the forest on a summer day there lived a girl named Goldilocks she lived with her dad in a little cotton  and a kingdom that was Nearby there lived a king queen and a young Beautiful princess one day Goldilocks Searched for Berries to make her Favorite pie which was Barrie pie she saw something way up on the Mountain which was a cave .On the Second day she went up to the Mountain and decided to see what was in that cave she went into the cave and saw a big Gigantic dragon she tried to Sneak out but she made a little noise that made the dragon wake up she headed behind the rock she ran as fast as she could to her cotton but then she saw the kingdom and Decided to turn left to the kingdom she ran into the kingdom and told the king that there was a dragon outside the king told the
guard to Shoot at the Dragon so they did shoot . They shoot out bullets on the Third day they were still shooting out Bullets until 5.30 the dragon was Dead at that time .hey thanked Goldilocks for telling them that there was a dragon outside and Goldilocks and the young Beautiful princess became friend And everybody live happily ever after .

          THE END

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This week My Number is

Today we are learning about This week Number This week Number is 30 so pl ease leave a comment

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Immersion Assembly - Now that's thinking!

Hi my name is Tehillah I go to Pt England School this term we are learning about a lot of new thing As a school we are learning about Technology , kites, Maori Thing, Margarita, and how Team 5 space’s can look better.This Term Team 4 are learning about Technology Phone and other thing that were created and what kind of Tool this the Maori create before Pakeha  Arrived to New Zealand .Team 1,2,3 are learning about Kite Matarik and gathering food for Winter and Team 4 are learning about Technology Phone and other  thing that were created in the  Olden days and last but not least Team 5 are learning about how there space can look better than the others. I want to look at other technology that were made in the olden days also I want visit the Museum to Discover a whole new technology .What I am looking forward to is what Technology that were created before me and what Maori thing that were created before me  .
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