Saturday, 30 December 2017

Meeting brother again

Meeting My Brother Again

Friday the 29 of December 2017 me and my Family just received
an exciting message from my brother who came from Sydney .
His message said that he was arriving back from Sydney at
11:25pm to celebrate New Years with us he also said that he
was going to bring yummy Cookies.By the time he came I was so
excited to see him he looked different but in a good way.I was the
first to hug him.he is an amazing brother to me. I've missed him
seen the day he left to go to Sydney but when he came back I was
so happy to see him.He is the best sibling I’ve ever had he is so
kind and caring to all of the baby at our Church.When he came out
of the doorway my oldest Sister ran straight to his bag to get the
COOKIES!! She wanted to eat the cookies straight away.When we
were on the road me and my other sisters wanted to eat so we went
to KFC.There were not much chicken's at KFC so we went to
McDonald to get the 20$ meal.As we went home we could see a
lot of cars parking at the front of our gate we just recognise that it
was some of the boys from my church they really wanted to see
my brother seen they haven’t seen him in a long time.At midnight
my brother and his friends went out to eat and have some fun my
brother was so happy that he didn’t want to leave.

This is about My brother who I just meet again on Friday the 29th of December he just arrived back from Sydney at 11:25.I really missed my brother he is the best but seen he is back I can spend my time laughing and having fun with him.Please leave a comment if you really liked this.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Going to the beach

Going To The Beach
Today I had to do a lot of cleaning to convince my
Parents to go to the beach and have some fun. It was hard work
cleaning the toilet. The toilet was disgusting to clean I even had
to clean the inside of it. Imagine that!!! Anyways I had to clean
nearly the whole house with my siblings. So after all of the
cleaning  me and my sister went to Pizza hut to get something to
eat and buy a drink. When I arrived home with my sister Revival we
started eating and giving out the pizza's to
my other older sister and younger sister and my parents.
The Pizza was Delicious. After eating we got ready to go to Mission
for a bit of fun.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Visiting My Favourite Place

              Visiting My Favourite Place
Sorry I haven't been posting lately it’s because I been visiting Hasting
and Splash planet.
As you all know Splash planet is one of my Favourite place to go to
and also Hasting. I had a lot of fun
at hasting because I got to spend a lot of time with my family.
I had a lots and lots of fun memories with them Those memories will
last forever in my Mind.It took 6 hours to get there in my uncle van
there were 4 cars that took some other kids and adult and 2 van that
also took kids
and adult with a diver in each car or van our diver was our pastor
Malaki he was wait for the day to come so we could finally go to
Hasting and on the next day that we could swim in the pool at splash
planet.After 4 hours we stop to see if anyone wanted to go the the toilet or if
they wanted to buy anything when we stop every person in the van ran
straight to the toilet then ran back to the van to get some money to go
to the shop.After we went back to the van we all hoped in in our
sits on our way to Hastings to have a little fun at the pools.
My food was so yum and delicious it was chips a pie Chocolate and
a drink I ate the chip first then the pie and then I at the Chocolate and
the drink last when I got to the marae.
Getting to the marae was cool the shop was so right
next's to the marae so it would be better for us so when
we want to eat and there are no more food you can just go across the
road to the shop and buy something.
When we went inside it was so big I didn’t even know where the toilet was until the Ladies told us where the Toilet were and there were alone 2 Toilet or many and 4 Bathrooms when I got there I got in the bathroom and had a Shower  then I had to change because on the next's day we were going to the pools.After having a nice sleep we had breakfast but first we had to brush our teeth so we all grab our toothbrush .After that we all ate breakfast  and My breakfast was cereal with milk and chocolate dipping's it was so yum.As time passed by we all packed our togs Towel and changing cloth with Sock.When we got there I just wanted to just jump in the pool Straight away but we had to wait for the other kids.After a while There were here and we went to a nice shade place to put our bag and clothes after putting our bags and Clothes down we all got changed in our togs.We all ran in the water as fast as we could and it felt so warm in the water we all ran at the same time.We all went on the long slide and the slide was my Second favourite Colour which is Blue the slide was so fun to slide on.It was so fun and funny jumping in the pool with my church friends I jumped in the pool first Then it was Tina my friend then other people jumped us while.It was so fun there because I had a lot of Lovely memories with my family and friends.After I was in the pool I went to the hot pool or as other people like to say it spa it was so hot in the spa but in the other pool it is cold and kind of warm.I had the time of my life at the pool.After I swam in the pool I ran to the bumper boats to have a little fun.I can't wait to came back one day I loved come to Hasting I loved spending time with my family and Friend I had a lot of fun jumping and running around with them.Until next's time I just might come back to Hasting with my family again.
I'll share Photo Next time I post.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Getting New Beds

Today on Tuesday, 19 December 2017 we got new beds.
The beds looked amazing and brand new I really love the beds.
It is so comfortable on the beds when I sleep.
It is nice and clean each room has a new bed And each room is clean.The beds are white and black but mostly white.We also have a wardrobe with a mirror on it.Here is a Photo of the Wardrobe with the Mirror and the beds.

I hope you like this post about my holiday please leave a comment.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Trip to Hasting

In 3 days time I am going to Hastings to Splash planet to have some fun.It is going to be great only my church member and family are going.I can’t wait to go to Hastings.It will be much better with my family there .Hasting has a lot of cool things like there shop the trees hills and the pools.Hasting will the best places to go to .I will never forget anything when I go to Hasting.I just can’t wait I wish I was already there so I can slide down the waterslide it will be a memories that I will never forget. Here is a Presentation about why I love Splash planet

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Sunday school prize giving

On Sunday the 17th of December 2017 which it Tomorrow My church and I are having Prize giving for Sunday school.I can't wait to see who comes first and who come second in my class.My Mother is my teacher and she teaches me about God and the Bible.I have never missed a Quiz in my life and by Quiz I mean studying about God and the Bible but anyway Prize Giving is tomorrow.Me and this girl name Tina we don’t know who is going to come first and we don't know who is going to win for My class .I can’t wait for tomorrow because then I can see everyone and that I could get prize from my mum .
After Sunday my family might just go to the beach and have a little fun because we have nothing to do anyways.We would be eating Ice cream Waffles and so much more we might just even go to the city so we could look at the Sky Tower .It would be amazing to jump off the Sky Tower and have a great view.After we good to the Sky Tower we would go back to the beach and have more fun.We would laugh together eat together and even Swim together.
Here is a presentation about My family

This is all about My family because I love them and they love me 2 and I can't wait to see what going to happen to us when we all grow up.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

My Hightlight

Hi my name is Tehillah and am going to tell you all about my Highlight.

1: On the 7th of December we had Prize giving It was amazing on the night a lot of people were there even my parent were there.We had to  wait a little cause other kids were come.After every one was here we had to line up and walk to the hall.We all were there and it was time for some award for the year 5.There were a lot of people in the year 5 space that got a lot of awards.After all of the award it was time for the year 5 item.After the year 5 item it was time for the year 6 award I got a lot of trophies But there was this one boy that got more awards named Kurtas. Kurtas had a lot of trophies he had 10 or more trophies.After all getting the trophies was amazing but after that it was time for the sport women and sport men first it was the sport men and the nominees were Kurtas Lorenzo Leonardy and Tupuia but there could only be Hi my name is Tehillah and am going to tell you all about my Highlight. the Nominees were Me Namoi Hineerangi and the winner was Me I won a lot but not as much as Kurtas.It was time for the year 6 item.It was amazing as time pasted by we all had to go home and sleep.

2:I can't wait to be a year 7 next term it going to be amazing but then I have to leave  my class and teacher but I'll always come back to my class and see my teacher because I miss them so much.

But my best Highlight is going to have Christmas all together with My family .

one winner and the winner was Kurtas. Now Kurtas had won more trophies. After all the Award it was time for sport women and the Nominees were Me Namoi Hinerangi and the winner was Me I won a lot but not as much as Kurtas.It was time for the year 6 item.It was amazing as time pasted by we all had to go home and sleep.

2:I can't wait to be a year 7 next term it going to be amazing but then I have to leave  my class and teacher but I'll always come back to my class and see my teacher because I miss them so much.

But my best Highlight is going to have Christmas all together with My family .

Friday, 1 December 2017

Wednesday, 29 November 2017


I would like to thank the teacher that came to camp and help.I would also like to thank the parent that came to camp as well.Please leave a comment

Monday, 27 November 2017

Year 6 Camp

Recount Writing
Year 6 Camp

On Tuesday 21st November we had an excited day .We were going to Camp Bentzon for year 6 camp. We all had to wake up at 6:30 so we could make it to school because we have to leave a 7:00 on the bus.So after I woke up I said my Goodbye to my Family as I left home .I had To get to school as soon as possible so I told my dad if he could take me and he said yes I really wanted to go to camp  because all my friends were going plus it was going to be so fun.I got to school and I made it on time I .The bus was there near the school entrance and I had to go to the breeze so a rushed to the breeze where everyone was. I had no hat so I told Mr J if I could  use a hat he gave me an FBI hat.I went back to the breeze after I got my hat we had a meeting with Mr Burt. After everything was finished we hopped on the bus and hurry to the fair.It took 20 Minutes to get there .

As we were waiting we were sing song and playing games.After 20 Minutes we Got there and we had to get off the fair because we had to get all the bags off.It took 10 Minutes to take all the bags off after that we had a Hike it was very very hard to go up the hill and down the hill but the hardest part was going up the hill because it was very very high but I use the trees to go up.After a while we had a rest because we got to the rock mountain the rock mountain is where you have to put on rock on the other rocks.when we were finished we had to get back to camp and we  had to down now.

On the next day we had to do our activities my first  activities  for my group was Burma trail.Burma Trail is when you are blindfolded and you have to find climb up but  you have to climb up with the rope you also have to find your way back to the finished line it was so hard for me because I hit my head on a trees that was so funny but it hunted at the same time .

As time passed by it was the next day It was time for the next activities our next activities  was sailing.Sailing was so fun but I almost fell off the boat that I was on it was scary because there was stingrays around us I didn’t want to fell off my boat because there were  stingrays every me but I had a lot of fun with my Teacher Mr Goodwin he help me when I was going to fell .

First of all I would want to Thank the Teacher for coming and helping and Looking after us I would also like to Thank  the cooker for cooking the best food for us .Thank my parents for paying my camp feast and my friend was looking out for me and caring to .

The best Thing I loved about camp was The camp concert Katz won which was my team and we had a lot of fun making the dance routine.That was the best time of camp it was fun and amazing I loved camp.

Friday, 17 November 2017


Today we had a been thinking about what instrument we should draw I wanted to draw a Guitar because there is more to  learn

Thursday, 16 November 2017

How to sprint like Usain Bolt

Today we have been look at how we can be better at running like Usani Bolt like eat the right food or like be fit.If you love running don't stop running because one day you will be in the Olympics.

Monday, 13 November 2017


On Friday the 10th of November my School, Point England school had a Athletics day. Each people in our school was excited to be in the Athletics. I couldn’t wait to race with my classmate and see other people race as well as my class it was so cool that we could bring our house colour T-shirt.First we had to go to our teacher and tell them what colour house Im in.I was in Green and My Best Friend was in yellow.Then we had to go and get changed in the girl Toilet I was waiting for 10 minutes until I had to go change .Well time few by and I had to go back to class and set down and wait for my teacher to come back and take us to the field so we could talk to our principal Mr Burt .We had a little talk about helping each other and have fun with each other. After having our talk about Athletics we all stood up one by one and walk to our first activity.My first activity was Target ball  .Target ball is a game when there is 4 Balls in the middle and spot outside no one is aloud to go in the square or past the spot.There are balls that you can grab if you have one you have to throw the ball to the other ball so that the other ball can go out and then you can get a point.Time few by and it was time for the relays .Each person that came first in there run had to be in the relays.I was in it and so was my friend I had a lot of fun that day I even beat a year 8 at running. It was Green blue yellow and red that was racing I was in green and my other friend was in was time to race and my team came 4th in the race but after we had to race the teacher and partner.Green blue yellow and red had to team up and try to beat the teachers and partner after racing the teacher and partner lost green blue yellow and red.I had a lot of fun at Athletics because I spent more time with my friend then I had ever had.My Favorited part was the relays when we won and beat the teacher and partners it was amazing and fun I can’t wait to do it again next year with my friend and classmate.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Pan Flute

Today we having been looking at Pan Flute.After looking at the how to make Pan flute our Teacher said that we could now make one and we all did it was so fun making the pan flute and I wish I could do it again and again.Please leave a Comment. 

Friday, 3 November 2017

String Instruments

Today I have been learning all about String Instruments like Guitar Violin and Double Bass .The Guitar Violin and Double Bass are amazing and great to play and learn from it If you play the Guitar Violin and Double Bass then you are amazing and never give up on the playing the Guitar Violin and Double Bass.

Friday, 27 October 2017


Today I have made a Harmonica it was so funny to make and play with .so if you have time please make one Thank please leave a comment.

Musical Madness Making pan pipes

                                                       Musical Madness Making pan pipes
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 2.39.29 PM.png
  • On Wednesday, 25 October one of PT England’s class which was room 8 literacy made pan pipes.I had to pick a partner and I picked Leilani and Nahea it was amazing and fun at the same time that we making pan pipes.After we all picked a partner we had to wait for along time on the floor because our teacher Miss parrant had to get the things that we needed to make our pan pipes.As a class we all sat on the mat and watched a movie from one of our other teachers Miss Buchanan .After watching the movie me and my class had to set at a table and waited until our teacher Miss parrant handed out of some cardboard and eight straws .After we had each have eight straws and a cardboard we had to line them the straws with the cardboard.As we were wait for a couple of minutes our next instructions was to cut the straws from the corner to corner .Each straws had to look the same but it didn’t have to look the same as the other ones  it just had to be cut .After cutting the straws we had to put the straw on the cardboard and it took for ages for me to put the straws on the cardboard because it was bendy.After we had made our pan pipes we had to test it out with our partner it was cool but it could have  sound better because it sounded  like a pan pipes but different .After we had tested it we all sat on the mat and waited until Miss parrant told us if we should have done better and I should have done better it was just that I couldn’t hold the cardboard I enjoyed  everything about making pan pipes it was amazing and fun to play with .Testing the pan pipes was so cool I could hear amazing things but I wish it could sound better than before.Miss parrant is great at making pan pipes that why she is a teacher I have learned a lot from pan pipes like what things you need how to make it and so much more I wish I can go back into to time and make another one again because it was so fun.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017


                                           File:Tv hd.png - Wikimedia Commons
1. When did color TVs come out?
a. 1925
b. 1953
c. 1939
d. 1965

2. Which was not true about the first TV?
a. It could only show one color
b. It only had 30 lines
c. It did not have sound
d. It did not work well

3. When did networks start showing programs in color?
a. 1948
b. 1953
c. 1965
d. 1939

4. Why did the first TV station only show Felix the Cat for two hours a day?
a. They were running tests.
b. Felix the Cat was really popular.
c. Felix the Cat had been a big radio star.
d. Felix the Cat was the only show that they had.

5. Which of these events slowed the spread of TVs?
a. The World's Fair of 1939
b. The Civil War
c. The election of the U.S. President.
d. World War II

6. What is the author's main purpose in writing this?
a. He is trying to explain how a TV works.
b. He is telling readers how TVs became popular.
c. He is describing the history of the TV.
d. He is trying to get people to watch more TV.

7. Why did many families switch to color TVs in 1965?
a. Color TVs cost a lot of money.
b. Many shows were only shown in color.
c. Color TVs came out in 1965.
d. World War II ended and troops returned home.

8. Why was 1939 an important year for TV?
a. Many Americans were introduced to TV.
b. The first color TV was released.
c. The first TV station began broadcasting.
d. John Baird created the first TV.

9. How many lines does a 4K TV have?
a. 30
b. 1,080
c. 4,000
d. 3,840

10. Which happened first?
a. The 1939 World's Fair
b. The release of high-def TVs
c. The end of World War II
d. The release of color TVs

11. Why would watching TV have been boring in 1928?
It only had one color.

12. Why did the 5 inch black-and-white TVs at the World's Fair impress people?
Because  The U.S. President gave a speech over the TVs. The TVs were only five inches big but the people loved it.

13. Why would it have been a bad idea to buy a color TV when they first were released?Because it didn’t work well so that’s why

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

My math test

My math test

Musical Madness

Immersion AssemblyScreen Shot 2017-10-11 at 2.39.29 PM.png

Musical Madness  
Today on monday the 16th of october we came back from school to learn about our topics Musical Madness.When I got to school we had to line up in our class lines .Were learning about Musical .All of our teacher had to make a movie to tell people what we were learning about.As you know people love music .Music is a great thing to learning about so that is what we are learning about. It is so amazing what we can learn from music.Term 1 was learning about music and how music makes you feel and something makes you cry music you're feeling great and something affect your feeling. Team 2 was learning about making songs with different instruments like drums piano and the guitar and others instruments Team 3 was telling stories with song and also sing in class but with music   Team 4 was learning about songs and music and also sing in the car when they come to school and last but not least Team 5 watching movies like the lion king the lion king is he best movie for little kids. Team 5 was also learning about how music in movie can affect your feeling.Our topic is about music .As you know team 4 had to make a movie and there movie was about them sing in the car well they were coming to school and also screaming with excitement .When they saw Mr J they stopped Singh and  Mr J started sing and was making loud noise  with his music.So that is team 4 topics about .Senec this term topic is Musical Madness I want to learn things about music and instruments and so much more. I also want to learn to play the drums piano and the guitar there is so much more to explore with instruments and music .I love this term theme because I love music and instruments. Music and instruments are amazing .You can do whatever you want to do with instruments like play with the instruments or learn how to play instruments that you have very every had played before.Music is the best thing because something when you are sad you can just listen to songs and it will make you happy .Music is one of a kind it is also written from the best singer from around the world.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Problem solving

Today I have been learning about News paper CDS and Grocery but the hardest thing is that there are a lot of number that you need to add up .

Adds watch out

Cyber smart Monday madness 

Today we looked at Cool math games and saw some Adds that are bad some of the add are scam and can take your money if you give them your bank account please do not push the Adds you never know if the adds are scam .


Today on Monday 25 of September it is Our Teacher birthday Mr Goodwin .Happy birthday Mr Goodwin I hope you have a great day today and you well go home feeling happy inside.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Free Writing

Free Writing
What is your YouTube video about?Dog and cat Tangled- Funny dance

Who is in your YouTube video?cat and dogs

Who is the audience for your YouTube video?My friends Santana Lilly and Trendy and also my family.

Is it a song?Dancing song

Is it a music video?Funny songs

Is it an advice piece?Yeah dogs and cats are funny when you don't look at them

Today I reached my one millionth view on my YouTube video it is very exciting because I have been doing this for 6 years .I am amazed that I have one millionth view so I will be celebrating  .

I will jump in a pool full of ice and also ice cream . I love my Follower so I’ll be jumping in a pool .First I have to go to the shop and get 12 packs of ice after I’ll get 24 packs of ice cream.

Time to go back home and put the ice and the ice cream in the pool it will be so cold but I need to do the for my followers .

Putting ice one by one and after the ice it’s time to put the ice cream in it looks like a cream Sunday but with a lot of cold ice Will it’s time. I need to get change now .

.Here I go splash OMG!!! it is so cold oh my gosh oh well this is for you I hope you Enjoyed my video Bye .

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Star Dome Trip

Image result for stardome

On Thursday the 14th of September Term 4 went to star dome on a bus .First we got split into group with There leader .My leader was Mr Goodwin’s Mother she was nice and kind. I was in group 4 with Santana Tupuai and other people .As we were walking we sat down in the breeze and had a chat to Miss Tele’a .Miss Tele’a was telling us to be good at stardom and remember that we are wearing our school Uniform so we had to behave.One by one each group went into the bus and sat at the back we were already to go to stardom at One Tree Hill.When we got to stardom we had to go into a Room to learn about the planets and space . First we learned about the planets like Jupiter Saturn Neptune the sun the moon Uranus mars and Earth .Earth is where we live and it the only Habits place that we can live on .After we learned about the planet we learned all about the stars the stars are the second most bright thing in the sky because the sun is the bright thing .After learning everything about the planets and the stars we had to do a quiz. We all had to find the answers in the room or outside the room we all tried to find the answer.My team was the second group to finish the quiz .After the Quiz we went into another room but this time is looked like a dome .We all had to set down on a chair and look up because the movie that we were  going to watch was up on the dome .The dome was rounded like a Circle but much more bigger .When had to go back to school a lot of people were talking about and sleep because they were happy because they had a good time at stardom.I have learned a lot from stardom because there was a man that was teaching us all about different thing so if you Have a chance to go to stardom then go to stardom and explore then go there because it is a cool place  

I learned everything about the planet and stars it was incredible that I can learn more thing and that I have never heard of like that
Pluto is a divorce planets and that there are lots and lots of moon on different planets in different area so how about that I is amazing what you can learning in your mind .