Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Trade and Enterprise

Explaining My Situation


Hi and welcome to my animation movie. This Term we have been learning about money. We also have been learning about losing and finding money.

My character is Adrienne. She is going to the tip top shop. When she gets to the tip top counter the man says “that will be 50c please.” She is surprised because she thought it was going to be a dollar.

Adrienne says “I will take two please.” She is so excited that she got a bargain that she spends the money she would have saved.

She buys the chocolate bar and saves the 50c for another day.

If you get a bargain you can jump in the air but it is a good idea to save the money.

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  1. Tehillah I love you explaing my situation doc I love the way you use intresting words in it. also I love the way you use noun word in it.