Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Happy Holiday.

 In the holiday day  I made  My mum a cake to show her  that I love her  so so so so  much then  I went to  my dad and gave him the bigger hug that  I could give . Him and a card so when  I was finish hugging and giving him his a  card   I went to my  grandma . And gave her a picture of all of us together at the pool she was so happy that she had  tears of joy coming down her face  she gave me a hug like  I gave  my dad . Then  I went to  My granddad the same thing that  I gave my grandma  a picture of us at the pool  hen  I went to  my big sister and my other big sister and litter sister Zoe  and hope and revival  I gave them . A present for them because there my sister  and  I love them so so so so so so much but revival is my favorite and   Zoe is the my 2 favorite and hope is my 3 favorite and the one who passed away she  was.  The best but she was also  my fist favorite and  I gave my twin cat a hug to  here is a presentation all about my twin cat pleas leave a comment  Thank  You .

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