Tuesday, 20 October 2015

ImmersioRecountn Assembly
Term 4 theme.pngMonday morning the 12th of October. There was an immersion assembly. The whole school, teacher, prefects and parents. The background was, Pes Survivors Outwit Outsmart Outlast, Term 4 2015.

Team 1 are learning about Animals, they showed a funny zoo video. Team 2 are learning about Dinosaurs, they showed and dinosaur video with them acting that they were scared. Team 3 are learning about Dinosaurs as well . Team 4 learning about Adaptation. Team 5 are learning about Human being’s. My message is “Teamwork” because I think that the people can do there best and work together.

During the performance we got to listening, watch and see Barney, Paintings, Videos, Animals, learn about Adaptation, we saw Safari clothing as zoo keeper, karaoke, Katy perry Roar, Prize, Tutus, Dinosaur masks,  Eating competition, noodles, Human beings. This is all we saw, listened to and watch.

Team 1 are going to see zoo animals, they showed this funny zoo video with people that play around with the animals. Team 2 and 3, are learning about dinosaurs like how adapt or got extinct. Team 4 are learning about adaptation, how desert animals can survive in antarctica. Team 5 and learning about human beings

I felt happy to be back at school and that we get to learn more topic, I also felt I felt excited about the immersion assembly. Team 4 topic is about adaptation and how animals adapt.

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