Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Visiting My Favourite Place

              Visiting My Favourite Place
Sorry I haven't been posting lately it’s because I been visiting Hasting
and Splash planet.
As you all know Splash planet is one of my Favourite place to go to
and also Hasting. I had a lot of fun
at hasting because I got to spend a lot of time with my family.
I had a lots and lots of fun memories with them Those memories will
last forever in my Mind.It took 6 hours to get there in my uncle van
there were 4 cars that took some other kids and adult and 2 van that
also took kids
and adult with a diver in each car or van our diver was our pastor
Malaki he was wait for the day to come so we could finally go to
Hasting and on the next day that we could swim in the pool at splash
planet.After 4 hours we stop to see if anyone wanted to go the the toilet or if
they wanted to buy anything when we stop every person in the van ran
straight to the toilet then ran back to the van to get some money to go
to the shop.After we went back to the van we all hoped in in our
sits on our way to Hastings to have a little fun at the pools.
My food was so yum and delicious it was chips a pie Chocolate and
a drink I ate the chip first then the pie and then I at the Chocolate and
the drink last when I got to the marae.
Getting to the marae was cool the shop was so right
next's to the marae so it would be better for us so when
we want to eat and there are no more food you can just go across the
road to the shop and buy something.
When we went inside it was so big I didn’t even know where the toilet was until the Ladies told us where the Toilet were and there were alone 2 Toilet or many and 4 Bathrooms when I got there I got in the bathroom and had a Shower  then I had to change because on the next's day we were going to the pools.After having a nice sleep we had breakfast but first we had to brush our teeth so we all grab our toothbrush .After that we all ate breakfast  and My breakfast was cereal with milk and chocolate dipping's it was so yum.As time passed by we all packed our togs Towel and changing cloth with Sock.When we got there I just wanted to just jump in the pool Straight away but we had to wait for the other kids.After a while There were here and we went to a nice shade place to put our bag and clothes after putting our bags and Clothes down we all got changed in our togs.We all ran in the water as fast as we could and it felt so warm in the water we all ran at the same time.We all went on the long slide and the slide was my Second favourite Colour which is Blue the slide was so fun to slide on.It was so fun and funny jumping in the pool with my church friends I jumped in the pool first Then it was Tina my friend then other people jumped us while.It was so fun there because I had a lot of Lovely memories with my family and friends.After I was in the pool I went to the hot pool or as other people like to say it spa it was so hot in the spa but in the other pool it is cold and kind of warm.I had the time of my life at the pool.After I swam in the pool I ran to the bumper boats to have a little fun.I can't wait to came back one day I loved come to Hasting I loved spending time with my family and Friend I had a lot of fun jumping and running around with them.Until next's time I just might come back to Hasting with my family again.
I'll share Photo Next time I post.


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  2. Hi there Tehillah, it's great to see you are blogging lots and working hard during your school holidays. My name is Billy and I am from the Summer Learning Journey programme.

    I hope you had a fun time at Splash Planet. What was your favourite part? I think I have driven past that before.

    Great stuff,

  3. Hello Billy Thank you for your nice comment.My favourite part was spend my time with my family and friends.