Friday, 6 May 2016

Immersion Assemble Term 2

Recount: Immersion Assembly

WALT: Write a recount using an amazing hook and detailed orientation.

Step 1: Brainstorm
Use the graphic organiser below to brainstorm what you remember about the


Step 2: Organise
Use the graphic organiser to help you to organise your thoughts before you
begin writing.

Step 3: Write It!  
Begin writing your rough draft below.  Remember to use:
  1. transition words: 2. past tense: 3. first person:
First, At first, went I
Next, Initially, saw We
Soon, Once we, painted Our
During, Once I, clapped My
After, At last, danced
Later, Finally, drew

Immersion Assembly Term 2

.On Monday 2 May PT England  School had a school Assembly for the 2 Term and for a new start The Theme was as i see it  Nua was the main thing she was wearing The theme on it .it said as i see it

Team 5 was learn about house colour Mr Juanita Garden was colour green Mrs Andrean Tele‘a was colour blue .And Mr louise Sadler was colour yellower last but not least Mr Berry was colour red . and Mr Monique clark was host.

Team 4 was learning about comic book They were called the teacher Adventures Mr somerville was Captain America and Miss lavakula was Wonder Woman and Mr Goodwin was batman and Miss west and Miss moala was the a ordinary superheroes and Mr baxe was the rudder he was called baxendine bear he was selling bobby jon Chromebook but the ordinary superheroes went to go fight the battle but the ordinary superheroes got smashed by baxendine bear  then the ordinary superheroes got tied up and called for help they said help and then teacher Adventures was in action to fight the battle and then baxendine bear got beaten up and That WAS THE END

What I like about This year is that we are learn about comic book it is was cool that we can move about comic book and read about comic book it is cool about readabout what you are learn about .

What I love about this team we get to learn different things .


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