Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Marshmallow Challenge

Introduction: This should be 2-3 sentences introducing what your recount is about
.1Hi today we did a Marshmallow Challenge with my group .

.2 We had a lot of fun
Body 1: This should be 4-5 sentences. This body of text will be focusing on the instructions you were given by your teacher. What were you thinking and how were you feeling when the teacher was explaining what the challenge was?
1.When the teacher was take about the marshmallow challenge I was so Excited about the challenge .

2.I was thinking of an idea to build the tower and then I got one I was so Frightened that the tower was going to break .

3.The thing that we were using were 91 cm of tape  1 Marshmallow and 20 minutes .

4. At the end of the game our Tower broke it was so funny and we ate the marshmallow .
Body 2: This section should be 4-5 sentences. This section will be based on the planning part of your challenge, did you decide as a team what you were going to do if so what happened during this time.
1.Our plan was to stick the Spaghetti to the table .

2.during the time that we had was Scary we had More 3 min’s Until it got to 2 min’s then we were Finish .

3.We were Laughing and having fun that's why we were playing

4.It was so cool
Body 3:  This section should be 3-4 sentences. This section will focus on the building of your marshmallow tower. What happened with your group while you were creating this? Did you work together as a team? What was the process like?
1.First we stacked up the tower with tape and Spaghetti meatballs .

2.Secondary we had to put the Marshmallow on top of spaghetti meatballs .

3.And at the end we had to Measure the tower to see which one was higher .
Conclusion  This should be 3-4 sentences. This section will be based on what you learned from your experience. What would you do differently if you did it again?
1.I would make it taller .
2.I would eat the Marshmallow Instead of putting it of the spaghetti meatballs .
3.I would Stick it to the table .

On Tuesday the 14th of February we had a marshmallow challenge with Mrs Parrant and the whole class . We were so excited to do the marshmallow challenge Because it had  interesting things to do with the  marshmallow .When we were Building the Towers We used  half of the marshmallow to stick it to the meatballs because it was so sticky At the end of the marshmallow challenge we had to see witch one was the higher .

IF you want to do this at home to need 91 cm of tape 1 Marshmallow .

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