Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Swimming Lessons!

Hi my name is Tehillah Today on Monday 22nd of May I will be talking  about Swimming Lessons and what are the safe way to get in and out of the pool So if you want more information here is some more  First you have to put your hand on the side of the pool and then put your legs into the pool . Then after you have to see how deep the pool is before you get into the pool  then Listen to your Instructor before you do anything Else . and also tell an adult that you are going into the pool .You have to get an Adult just Incase you Drown and also get a bigger person before you get into the pool  just to watch you and also Swim in safe areas only. It's a good idea to swim only in places that are supervised by a lifeguard. ... Swimming in an open body of water (like a river, lake, or ocean) is different from swimming in a pool. You need more energy to handle the currents and other changing conditions in the open water.
After you get in the water and you start drowning  you  get out of the pool and get a life jacket  then get back into the pool they are many skills about swimming first they are floating Diving Breathing and that all for me so that the skills that i know so go to the swimming pool and start learning  how to swim .First I would like to Thank Mr Burt for an Opportunity for team 4 and the school  to swimming  at the pool this term and the people at the pool jed cat and kate Thank you for letting us swim and thank you miss Vaafusuaga for the best day at the pool  so thank you to all the people that work at the pool .Swimming in the pool with my friend and my BFF and have fun with the Instructor and doing different skill but the most cool thing is just to have the most time with your in Instructor.

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