Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Goldilocks The Three Bears My Spin

Goldilocks and the Three Bears:
My Spin

Once upon a time in the forest on a summer day there lived a girl named Goldilocks she lived with her dad in a little cotton  and a kingdom that was Nearby there lived a king queen and a young Beautiful princess one day Goldilocks Searched for Berries to make her Favorite pie which was Barrie pie she saw something way up on the Mountain which was a cave .On the Second day she went up to the Mountain and decided to see what was in that cave she went into the cave and saw a big Gigantic dragon she tried to Sneak out but she made a little noise that made the dragon wake up she headed behind the rock she ran as fast as she could to her cotton but then she saw the kingdom and Decided to turn left to the kingdom she ran into the kingdom and told the king that there was a dragon outside the king told the
guard to Shoot at the Dragon so they did shoot . They shoot out bullets on the Third day they were still shooting out Bullets until 5.30 the dragon was Dead at that time .hey thanked Goldilocks for telling them that there was a dragon outside and Goldilocks and the young Beautiful princess became friend And everybody live happily ever after .

          THE END

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