Friday, 19 May 2017

IN the olden days

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Who:Rose And Tehillah

What:We found a lot of gold under ocean

Where:In the forest

When:1997 on

HERE: In the Olden days I lived in a little Cotton with my father he loved to fishing so every Monday we would fish in the Morning and in the Afternoon at night i would alway read a book to make me fall asleep .On Tuesday I told My father if we could go to the beach and my father said yes so i packed my Swimming togs a Towel .When we got there i brush out of the car and went right to the sand pit the sun was Shining bright at the ocean so I ran as fast as i could to get to the Changing rooms to put on my swimming togs I Through my togs to my father face i Laugh as i was walking toward the beach i ran to the warm hot water i saw something Shiny in the water i Picked it up and it was a shiny gold i ran to my father and told him  what is this he Screamed while he was looking at it . It gold where did you found it i found it in the ocean my father ran like flash right  to the Changing room to Put on his Shorts we both ran to the water to Grab the gold Once we grab the gold My father said we were rich so      THE END

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