Thursday, 22 June 2017



by Kelly Haitana  

  1. What did Iwa use as bait?
  2. Answer - Gravy beef
  3. Who did Iwa run into at the river?
    Answer - Nicky
  4. What river were they fishing at?
    Answer - Wanganui River
  5. What does it mean when it says without a word they let go?
    Answer - They let go of the eel
  6. What do you think the old man was thinking when the kids told him the story of their eeeling?
    Answer - That he Never caught the eel to

  1. What did the man call out and say to Iwi?
    Answer - Kemo Whakaaro no te mea kahore nei e mau ko ngaro i roto o te ringa o te tangata mo tetahi ra no to mea ka whakawahinga ai ia e kitea nei e te kanohi o o tangaroa nga mea katoa.
  2. What do you think he meant by this?
    Answer - That catching a fish is not easy
  3. What does this story tell us about fishing?
    Answer - How they caught eel
                 How they did it
                 And how creat the line to caught the eel

The beginning of the story
26 Jun 2017 09:55:47.jpg

26 Jun 2017 09:58:30.jpg
When they caught the fish
26 Jun 2017 10:01:34.jpg
When they told the old man that they caught the fish
26 Jun 2017 10:03:16.jpg
When he said goodbye the the girl
26 Jun 2017 10:05:56.jpg
This is when she waked away
26 Jun 2017 10:05:56.jpg
The End of the story  
Today we were learning all about how fishing so please leave a comment

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