Friday, 9 June 2017

What's for dinner

What’s for dinner?

One Wednesday night when I was cleaning the house someone Knocked on the door I open it  and as I look up I saw Manu and pete from MKR They said you have to cook for us so as I ran to the kitchen and Made my favorite food Mini Quiche pizza .  I Crack 2 eggs in a blow and put some flour into and as I stir and stir my hand was Shivering and the pressure was on I finished my first meal I put the food  in Front of Pete and Manu as I was waiting to see how it taste liked there look Seriously as they look at me they Smile at me I smiled back they said that it was Magnificent and that it taste was like a mouth Full of lasagna now I am  Running to the kitchen and onto my to my next meal Sticky lemon & sesame chicken . Cooking the sesame chicken and putting lemon juice on the top of the sesame chicken put some Lettuce on the side and that was the End of my 2 meal I am Walking towards pete and manu putting down the meal in Front of them and i move to the side of the table and crossing my fingers. They ate and ate all the food of the plate They look Seriously the second time. I was Shaking so hard that I almost cried they smile then I smiled back at them they said that it was like the best food that they had ever had they were so pleased of my food I went back to the Kitchen and did my Dessert Milkshake sugary rush chocolate chip icebox with a side of Apple Crumbs first I put chocolate in a blow with Milk and chocolate chips I sir sir until it was Smooth then I put it in the Fridge  for like 2 to 5 minter I take it out and put it into 2 plate and place apple crumbs on the side of it and they I have it Milkshake sugary rush chocolate chip icebox with a side of Apple Crumbs . As I wake to pete and manu my heart was Racing through me as I put the plate in front of them I waited and  waited until they said something my finger’s were Cross at the back of me . A couple Seconds later they Finally said something they said that they have never in there life have tasted Such thing like this . It was down to the point I stood there and waited the entree Mini quiche pizza  I loved it  the taste was Incredible so tonight we will be giving you a 10 out of 10  Next main Sticky lemon & sesame chicken the chicken was Magnificent and amazing so we are giving 10 out of 10 now Milkshake sugary rush chocolate chip icebox Apple Crumbs the Chocolate chip was the best part of that meal and the Apple crumbs was lovely so today we will be giving you a 10 out of 10 so your total is 30 Good work you have done an in amazing job that what pete and manu said when they went out and I said Thank you for coming Bye.

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