Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy
Space Narrative

What has happened to the earth?
Explain that you’re leaving earth and the reasons that you are leaving.
Characters :Santana and Maria

One unexpected day santana and Maria saw the earth. It was  polluted and no one was safe . No one could Breathe oxygen no one could eat food because it was Poisonous and no one could drink water because it turn into lava so we had to move to a different Planet .No one could Survive without food and water so off we go with our rock’s to find a new planet
Paragraph 1
Arriving at the new planet they you have come across.
What are the problems with this planet?
As we Arrived at our new plante there was a problem all the planets had disappear Except one it was called Mars .Mars is a place were Approximately 228 million km from the sun and has a Diameter of about 6,800 km and has a volcanoes!
Paragraph 2
Time for the Action! What’s happening with the problem?  Are you exploring the planet? Defending yourself? Building a city?
As we were thinking about the  problem we decided to  move  to mars So we did .At first we were Excited and happy that we could Finally live on a planet but then we were Afraid of getting eaten from different creatures .
Paragraph 3
The final action scene. The end of the problem that you have encountered in this plant!
We were so afraid of get eaten from the creatures I got GooseBumps and so did maria . As we step out of the rockship we could smell Lasagna we could even taste it from far away  we could heard people and creatures sing and dancing . As we creeped to see what they were doing someone spotted us . it was a person  we never know that people could ever live on mars until now we Decided to stay with the people and creatures.
How will you live on the planet now that the problem is solved.
The problem was solved we would now live at mars .They had plenty of food and water we could have a good time at our new planet and meat different creatures and Human beans and also dance with them and sing .  

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