Monday, 28 August 2017

Story about the Forster

One sunny autumn morning me my family and Friend went camping in the forest .As we were walking we could hear Birds chirping leaves dropping one by one and Insect crawling .We could smell the fresh air as it comes through my nose and birds flying through the air .As they mother bird came flying down  to her nest to feed her baby birds.As we keep walking through the Forster I could feel the wind breezing past I was so cold that I had to make a  coat out of leaves . But then I could taste drop of water as it comes down from some leaves and into my mouth that was Disgusting. We were all starving to death so we went out and tried to find some food I found some roast Chicken on top of a pan .I  thought  to myself there might be some else camping in the forster so I took the roast chicken and ran back to where we were going to meet it was near the edge of the road when everyone got there we all ate. We ate roast chicken fish and some chocolate that my friend pack  it was like having  Thanksgiving Dinners at home .After two days we all went home and said good bye to each other but we were not too far from each other we were all next door neighbours .So when ever you go camping in the Forster always bring family and friend and also pack some food because you never know when you are going to starve to death like we did .

  The end
Will if you want to hear more story you can blog back to me and I will just make Another story to keep the Entertaining going Well until that day I will just have to think about another story Well I hope you like it .P.S please leave a comment .

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