Friday, 1 September 2017


Today as I am leaving earth I say my GoodBye to my family and friends as my tears fall down  as I leave in my rocket ship to the moon .When I get in my rocket ship  my family and friends are counting down from 10 ,10 ,9 ,8 ,7 ,6 ,5 ,4 ,3 ,2 ,1  blast off. The rocket ship blast off into space, I cry and wave goodbye.As I am in space I see plant star’s space rock and a shooting star zooming past my spaceship . There are 6  people including me heading towards the moon We don’t know what the moon might look like.Time flies by and it’s time for dinner. I ate my spinach dinner as my stomach rumbles. I reach out to take a bit but my dinner runs away from me. I thought to myself “that was worried I have never had spinach for dinner before” I hope it good wish me good luck.
Two Month's Later
I have been In space for two Months and there are only 3 more days to go until we reach mars  It been ages soon I have not meet my family from far away on planet earth but really I miss my family and friends .luckily there are only three months to go I can’t wait until I meet my  family's and friends again until that day I will do something special for them like video chat them oh but wait can not video chat them until I have finish off my mission. I am really looking forward to chatting video my family and friends .Oh noooo I think there is a comic heading towards us . We need help we need help go around the comic OK. Is everyone OK yes wow that was a big comic did you say that OK .I want to go home right now but went we need to finished the mission OK then but if another comic it all your fault. We need to focus on the mission come let’s get to our station’s wait there is something wrong with the space rocket. To be continued

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