Thursday, 22 February 2018

Explanation Writing

Explanation Writing
How I can save Money ??
People have no money because they are spending it all on things they don’t need.What we need is  Clothes,Food,a House to live in and , money to pay the rent,. If you don’t have money you can get a job or help you parents.   Lots of people have no money why here are some reason.
Reason 1.You are spending your money on junk.
Reason 2.You always spent you money on things you don’t need.
Reason 3.You need to go to the right shop that had great deals.
Reason 4.You need to stop wasting your money.
Reason 5.they never want to save their money for something that they can use.
Reason 6.You are wasting it all your money on yourself.
Reason 7.You need money to make you kids happy.

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  1. Hi Tehillah,

    You have heaps of ideas about saving money - that is fantastic! Next time we will work on structuring these ideas into paragraphs and elaborating on them.