Thursday, 12 April 2018

current events

    Current Events
       We are learning to retell what we read

Who.. is involved in this event

Silver Ferns

What.. happened
They are in the semi final.

Where… did it happen

It happened commonwealth games
When...did it happen
It happened Yesterday 11th of April.
Why… did it happen?
To see which team will go into the finals

How… did the event start

It start of great silver ferns were shooting lots and lots of goals but sadly England was behind
Perspectives… Who is involved in the event and what do they think about it -
e.g. the robber is angry that he didn’t get the money he needed to buy food.  The old lady is upset that her money was almost stolen, she needed it.

Silver Ferns are now in the semi final with Australian since they won against England it was 54-45 to the Silver ferns.I was a really hard game sadly England lost.Now Silver ferns are going to face Australian.Who will win and walk away with the trophy but who will lose and walk away with nothing.If you want to see what happens next please leave a comment below.

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