Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Bush Narratives

 Bush Narrative
Title- Bush Narrative Orientation- My Family - Me .
Problem- We got lost in the bush and we lost our way to go out of the bush
Solution - We followed a monkey he showed us the way  then we saw our car .

We all went in the the frost we were trying to found a way to a Perfect spot  we were walking down a windy path it was hard to found a Perfect spot . we were walking and walking unit we found a monkey .when we saw it the monkey took us to his Magical cave the monkey was the king of monkeys it could talk but when he talk I Feted they put me and my family on a Mattress it was very warm.

My mum said there is a path at the end of the cave we could see our car my mum ran up to the kings of monkey and kiss it goodbye but I huge the king of monkey .

My Dad was so  Please that we found our car so that when did not go camping because that what  Happens in the bush .When we got home I looked through the window.and saw the monkey it told me to came to my cave.So we went back to They  cave the kings of monkeys said that he got  married and her wife had twin babies they were boys so that THE END OF MY STORE . I HOPE YOU LIKE IT BYE

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