Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Hiwi The Kiwi Speech marks

“On a summer morning Jane, and Bob” went down to the boat to go and chat biggest fish ever when they got to the middle of the sea they Tried to chat the biggest fish” but there was none but then there was a big  Seagull seeping down to the sea so .

So “jane, said look we should  follow it it Might  lead us to the biggest fish when they got to the “seagull jane  could see the biggest fish when they chat it they were very happy .

“Bob, daughter said daddy that might have baby inside it she said but Bob was mad because it was the biggest fish he had ever seen in his Whole life but then he Wanted to eat it .

But “jane, said you are right but can we just take a photo and she said “yes? so Bob  Daughter was holding the biggest fish”  that they have ever seen. that when “jane, let it go and said  see you later alligator but when she let it go. She saw a middle size fish so they got they  net and pull it to them and went back home and fry it. And that was the end of that the day .

Here is what I am learning about

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