Friday, 27 October 2017

Musical Madness Making pan pipes

                                                       Musical Madness Making pan pipes
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  • On Wednesday, 25 October one of PT England’s class which was room 8 literacy made pan pipes.I had to pick a partner and I picked Leilani and Nahea it was amazing and fun at the same time that we making pan pipes.After we all picked a partner we had to wait for along time on the floor because our teacher Miss parrant had to get the things that we needed to make our pan pipes.As a class we all sat on the mat and watched a movie from one of our other teachers Miss Buchanan .After watching the movie me and my class had to set at a table and waited until our teacher Miss parrant handed out of some cardboard and eight straws .After we had each have eight straws and a cardboard we had to line them the straws with the cardboard.As we were wait for a couple of minutes our next instructions was to cut the straws from the corner to corner .Each straws had to look the same but it didn’t have to look the same as the other ones  it just had to be cut .After cutting the straws we had to put the straw on the cardboard and it took for ages for me to put the straws on the cardboard because it was bendy.After we had made our pan pipes we had to test it out with our partner it was cool but it could have  sound better because it sounded  like a pan pipes but different .After we had tested it we all sat on the mat and waited until Miss parrant told us if we should have done better and I should have done better it was just that I couldn’t hold the cardboard I enjoyed  everything about making pan pipes it was amazing and fun to play with .Testing the pan pipes was so cool I could hear amazing things but I wish it could sound better than before.Miss parrant is great at making pan pipes that why she is a teacher I have learned a lot from pan pipes like what things you need how to make it and so much more I wish I can go back into to time and make another one again because it was so fun.

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