Saturday, 30 December 2017

Meeting brother again

Meeting My Brother Again

Friday the 29 of December 2017 me and my Family just received
an exciting message from my brother who came from Sydney .
His message said that he was arriving back from Sydney at
11:25pm to celebrate New Years with us he also said that he
was going to bring yummy Cookies.By the time he came I was so
excited to see him he looked different but in a good way.I was the
first to hug him.he is an amazing brother to me. I've missed him
seen the day he left to go to Sydney but when he came back I was
so happy to see him.He is the best sibling I’ve ever had he is so
kind and caring to all of the baby at our Church.When he came out
of the doorway my oldest Sister ran straight to his bag to get the
COOKIES!! She wanted to eat the cookies straight away.When we
were on the road me and my other sisters wanted to eat so we went
to KFC.There were not much chicken's at KFC so we went to
McDonald to get the 20$ meal.As we went home we could see a
lot of cars parking at the front of our gate we just recognise that it
was some of the boys from my church they really wanted to see
my brother seen they haven’t seen him in a long time.At midnight
my brother and his friends went out to eat and have some fun my
brother was so happy that he didn’t want to leave.

This is about My brother who I just meet again on Friday the 29th of December he just arrived back from Sydney at 11:25.I really missed my brother he is the best but seen he is back I can spend my time laughing and having fun with him.Please leave a comment if you really liked this.

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