Saturday, 16 December 2017

Sunday school prize giving

On Sunday the 17th of December 2017 which it Tomorrow My church and I are having Prize giving for Sunday school.I can't wait to see who comes first and who come second in my class.My Mother is my teacher and she teaches me about God and the Bible.I have never missed a Quiz in my life and by Quiz I mean studying about God and the Bible but anyway Prize Giving is tomorrow.Me and this girl name Tina we don’t know who is going to come first and we don't know who is going to win for My class .I can’t wait for tomorrow because then I can see everyone and that I could get prize from my mum .
After Sunday my family might just go to the beach and have a little fun because we have nothing to do anyways.We would be eating Ice cream Waffles and so much more we might just even go to the city so we could look at the Sky Tower .It would be amazing to jump off the Sky Tower and have a great view.After we good to the Sky Tower we would go back to the beach and have more fun.We would laugh together eat together and even Swim together.
Here is a presentation about My family

This is all about My family because I love them and they love me 2 and I can't wait to see what going to happen to us when we all grow up.

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  1. Talofa Tehillah,

    Thank you for this post! It was great to look at your presentation about your family. I can see how much they mean to you and that is very cool to see.

    How did your church prize-giving go? I would love to hear about what happened! We had a prize-giving at my church two weeks ago and everyone won a prize because we couldn't pick just one winner.