Monday, 27 November 2017

Year 6 Camp

Recount Writing
Year 6 Camp

On Tuesday 21st November we had an excited day .We were going to Camp Bentzon for year 6 camp. We all had to wake up at 6:30 so we could make it to school because we have to leave a 7:00 on the bus.So after I woke up I said my Goodbye to my Family as I left home .I had To get to school as soon as possible so I told my dad if he could take me and he said yes I really wanted to go to camp  because all my friends were going plus it was going to be so fun.I got to school and I made it on time I .The bus was there near the school entrance and I had to go to the breeze so a rushed to the breeze where everyone was. I had no hat so I told Mr J if I could  use a hat he gave me an FBI hat.I went back to the breeze after I got my hat we had a meeting with Mr Burt. After everything was finished we hopped on the bus and hurry to the fair.It took 20 Minutes to get there .

As we were waiting we were sing song and playing games.After 20 Minutes we Got there and we had to get off the fair because we had to get all the bags off.It took 10 Minutes to take all the bags off after that we had a Hike it was very very hard to go up the hill and down the hill but the hardest part was going up the hill because it was very very high but I use the trees to go up.After a while we had a rest because we got to the rock mountain the rock mountain is where you have to put on rock on the other rocks.when we were finished we had to get back to camp and we  had to down now.

On the next day we had to do our activities my first  activities  for my group was Burma trail.Burma Trail is when you are blindfolded and you have to find climb up but  you have to climb up with the rope you also have to find your way back to the finished line it was so hard for me because I hit my head on a trees that was so funny but it hunted at the same time .

As time passed by it was the next day It was time for the next activities our next activities  was sailing.Sailing was so fun but I almost fell off the boat that I was on it was scary because there was stingrays around us I didn’t want to fell off my boat because there were  stingrays every me but I had a lot of fun with my Teacher Mr Goodwin he help me when I was going to fell .

First of all I would want to Thank the Teacher for coming and helping and Looking after us I would also like to Thank  the cooker for cooking the best food for us .Thank my parents for paying my camp feast and my friend was looking out for me and caring to .

The best Thing I loved about camp was The camp concert Katz won which was my team and we had a lot of fun making the dance routine.That was the best time of camp it was fun and amazing I loved camp.

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