Tuesday, 23 January 2018

SLJ 11 WK Bonus Activity

1920s is a new artistic movement emerged in New Zealand ( and also around the world).It also was  called the Art Deco .This picture to the right is a classic example of an "Art Deco' piece .if you just take a close look at the Painting it is an amazing art.Tell me if you like it or not.   

I will be rating this amazing work of art.
Examples:(1 star = terrible painting, 2 stars = pretty bad painting, 3 stars = okay painting, 4 stars = good painting and 5 stars = amazing painting) .I would have to give this painting a 5 stars because it is an amazing painting .I think that they took a very long time to paint this art.
Tell me what you think about this amazing art.

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  1. Kia Ora Tehillah,

    Cadence here from the Summer Learning Journey team!

    I am very glad to read that you like this painting. I would be very curious to know why exactly, is it the colour or the realistic look?

    I’m sure this painting took a long time to complete, do you paint?
    I use to paint of canvas and it would take me weeks to finish one.

    I think my favourite part of this painting is her eyes. They look so mysterious and it makes me wonder where she is going in her car. Maybe she is waiting for someone or driving to get away. You could almost create a story to suit the painting. What do you reckon?

    Best wishes,

    Cadence :)