Friday, 12 January 2018

SLJ WK 5 Bonus Activity

Activity 2: The Treaty of Waitangi

On 6 February 1840, a very special form was signed by the Māori chiefs and the British settlers in New Zealand. It was named Treaty of Waitangi (Te Tiriti o Waitangi) and it outlined how the two groups would live together and help each other in New Zealand. It was the first form of its kind to be signed in the entire world. The Treaty was signed in a place named Waitangi in northern New Zealand

My favourite places to go is Hasting.Hasting is an amazing place to go because there are a lot of place that you could go there . They have a lot of game that you could play and hasting .is a place where you could have peace and quite.Samoa Is where I come from it is a special to me and my family.Samoa Is also one of my favourite places to go it has different thing to New Zealand but that is okay .I like Samoa because it has a lot of nice food and fruit and the sea is nice and warm.New Zealand .As you all know I live in New Zealand now.New Zealand has a lot of thing that I love the most like netball my best friends nice foods and animals like dog cats and puppies but that is not the best things I love the most the best the thing I love about New Zealand is going to school and learning about what is good or wrong or what happen in the 1960s. Also I love New Zealand because I get to spend a lot of time wit my family.Tell me 3 facts about your favourite places to go and also do a presentation about it if you want to.


  1. Hi Tehillah,

    This is a nice post and I appreciate the work that's gone into this, but in order to receive points from this activity, you need to go onto the link given and tell us three fun things you would do at Waitangi.


  2. HI Willy thanks for the tip I never know what to do but you did I will try to think about what I am doing

    Thanks ,